Digital Cultural heritage - DCH2017 (ganztägig)

30.08 - 01.09

Interdisciplinary Conference on

Digital Cultural Heritage
Berlin, August 30 - September 01, 2017
Staatsbibliothek Berlin

The conference is open for contributions that cover technical challenges as well as strategic guidance. Key messages relating to the impact of new technologies and processes on cultural heritage are especially welcome.

Our special aims:

•    raise awareness in Society, Science, and Technology fields about importance of the cultural   
     dimensions and the growing potential of Digital Cultural Heritage

•    promote innovative content analysis from cross-organizational interoperability of digital
     humanities databases and XML methods, techniques, and approaches

•    indicate on the central role of spatial concepts enabling synergy for knowledge generation
     from massive granular digital cultural heritage content

•    create innovative cross-disciplines / cross sectors partnerships facilitate intercultural and
      interdisciplinary dialogue

•    elaborate roles and interest of information society